Sunday, February 26, 2017

♡ Valfré Phone Case Review ♡

I got my iPhone 6s this summer at the end of July, and I've already cracked and broken two cases for no other reason than me being clumsy af. Which is why I've found it necessary to buy myself a new case, this time made out of a silicone material so that it won't break when I drop it (which is like, multiple times a day). So I went to Dolls Kill, of course, to look around for a new case (of course; if you're not new around here then you'll know Dolls Kill is one of my all time fave stores), and I picked out this one by the brand Valfré!

     Since I'm cheap I usually go for cases under $10- the other "Valfré" case I owned for my last phone was actually a knockoff I bought on Amazon for like $3. But this time I decided to go over my price range a little because I knew I'd be using this case for a while, plus it was half off so how could I not?

     Honestly what's better than coming home to a Dolls Kill package in your mailbox? (I'm kidding, it's important to find happiness in non-materialistic things :-) but that's beside the point). The case came in perfect condition in this cute lil Valfré polka dot box. Side note, Dolls Kill's shipping is v good (if you live in the US- otherwise I wouldn't know), I always get my packages within a couple days.

     I was a little worried that the case might not fit since it just says iPhone 6 on the website and I have a 6s but it fits perfect! I really love the 3D flower on the back, and it doesn't get in the way for me or anything, and my phone still lays fairly flat on the table. 

     Long story short everything is 10/10 stars, highly recommend. That is all, I hope you enjoyed this post, and thanks for reading! 

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