Tuesday, January 3, 2017

♡ Glossier Phase 2 Set Review ♡

Back with another post, I finally have the inspiration and motivation to blog again. Actually I'm probably just going to do a bunch of reviews so if that's not what you're here for then I guess you can uh leave now.

Today's review is of the beauty brand Glossier. I've had my eye on their products for a while now, so I was really happy when I got the Phase 2 Set for Christmas! A few words about Glossier: this brand is unique because it's all about going back to the basics and letting your natural beauty shine through the makeup. I think their motto "skin first, makeup second" sums it up quite well.

First I'd like to mention the packaging, because I love it so much. I find the whole aesthetic of the brand so charming, with their pastel pink and white minimal color scheme and design. Everything came in this white box, and the products were inside of the pink bubble wrap zip pouch. 

It also came with a poster with some of Glossier's models on it, as well as some Glossier stickers that I think are so cute! I really liked how they included these in the package. 

In accordance with their overall brand aesthetic, I really like the simple, sleek packaging of their products. So the Phase 2 Set comes with Stretch Concealer, Generation G sheer matte lip tint, and Boy Brow brow gel. The Phase 1 Set is a set that comes with four skincare basics. I'd really like to own this at some point, but I asked for the Phase 2 Set instead since it's $50 while the Phase 1 Set is $80. 

I got the Stretch Concealer in the lightest shade, as per usual. It's a lightweight, creamy concealer that comes in this little pot and can just be applied with your fingers.

 This is Generation G in the shade Cake. It's like a lip balm, but it adds color to your lips and is easily buildable. Plus, it's matte which I really like (I usually use Vaseline in place of chapstick so my lips are like, always shiny).

Lastly, I got Boy Brow in brown. There are only 3 shades (blond, black, and brown) and based on the website I was scared the color might be too light for my eyebrows, but fortunately I was wrong! This gel works to fill in as well as shape your eyebrows.

So this is me with all three products on and nothing else (I was going to post a bare face pic for comparison but I'd rather not scare everyone away (jk!)). I'm just going to start off by saying I am v impressed with these products! First, for being so lightweight, the Stretch Concealer certainly does a good job. I applied it under my eyes (to hide dark circles), on my eyelids (to hide veins), on the sides of my nose (to hide redness), and on my chin (to hide acne scars). The factor I was most impressed with was its ability to cover up my dark under eye circles! I have realllllly prominent eye bags all the time so I was really pleased that this concealer did such a good job of hiding them. Second, the Generation G lip tint added a hint of color to my lips while also keeping them matte. If I have one complaint about the whole set it'd be that my lips felt a little dry while wearing the lip tint, but I find I experience that with most matte lip products, and it wasn't so bad as to be really uncomfortable or anything. I think at some point I'd like to order a brighter color of Generation G like Zip or Jam, but I think Cake is really good for a natural no-makeup look. Lastly, I really really love Boy Brow! I have naturally pretty thin eyebrows so I fill them in with eyeshadow every time I wear makeup. However this gel did a really good job of filling out my eyebrows but keeping them looking natural, and it also holds the hairs in place really well (and it doesn't feel stiff!). 

I just wanted to throw a couple more pictures out there of this same look but with mascara and highlighter. The Phase 2 Set is definitely going to be my go-to products for days when I want a more natural look. It was so nice not wearing foundation and just letting my skin breathe! All in all, I would give this set 5 out of 5 stars, and I definitely plan to go to Glossier again when I'm in need of more beauty products. I hope you found this review helpful! Thanks for reading ♡

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