Thursday, June 30, 2016

♡ Dolls Kill Review ♡

hey babezz πŸ’– lol the change in intro lingo is due to the fact that this is a review for some items I ordered from Dolls Kill. I'm working a summer part time job & decided to drop half of my first paycheck on some cute stuff from there, one of my fave stores to stalk which I've only had the pleasure of ordering from once before (actually it was a gift, but here's the review). I only ordered 2 things this time but they're v cute nonetheless so stick around for some doll action! Side note: yes yes I know all those promises I made about posting more bc it;s summer but you must forgive me !! for I am very boring & there's nothing I can do about it. But if you have any posts you'd like to see from me, by all means please let me know lol.

Here are the stock photos & links for what I ordered:

Legally Pink Bodycon Dress
(no link bc I actually bought the last one so it's currently out of stock !! srry babez πŸ’–)

Into the review! The package literally arrived 3 days after I placed the order which was fantastic, fast shipping is such a blessing πŸ’“ Both items were folded neatly and individually wrapped in clear plastic bags bearing the brand name.

Here's the top! I ordered a small and it fits me nice; it says "crop top" but obvi it's pretty normal length & even on the website the length doesn't seem cropped so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  I've been obsessing over the new pastel Disturbia collection that's recently hit Dolls Kill's shelves so I got this ΓΌber cute top; plus I've been needing a white shirt so it works out. The pastel colors of the text give me sorta Cry Baby vibes & the "Fear & Loathing" text reminds me of the Marina and the Diamonds song ! & the mismatched purple ribbed sleeves w/ the teal ribbed collar is so cute I love it.

Bonus feature: the tag on this top is perf lol πŸ’–

(rare pic of me smiling for once !!) Here's the dress! So as I said before, I bought the very last one in stock which just so happened to be in my size (XS) ! It was also on a super mega sale (I got it for $30 & the original price was $100) so I've had my eye on it for quite a while & I've been watching the price drop every time I stalk the clearance section lol. At first, this dress caught my eye but didn't really strike me as something I'd wear; however, I recently rewatched Clueless (one of my absolute fave films) and idk this dress gave me such trendy nineties vibes I had to have it *^* There's two layers to the dress, as I imagine the top layer must be see through, and it fits me perfectly (huggin' every curve, or lack thereof). In this case I'm glad I'm not any taller, or this dress would probs be far too short. I paired it here with my Dolls Kill ballet bopper platforms that I love πŸ’–

All in all, I am super super happy with their fast service & my purchases, & I'll definitely be keeping my eye on all the new stuff coming in as well as the cute stuff hittin the clearance rack! I definitely recommend you check out this killer store for all yer dolly clothing needz πŸ’– check out my insta (dollyxdiaries) for more, leave a comment with any post suggestions etc, and I'll see you all next time!! xoxo magdalyn πŸ’–