Tuesday, May 24, 2016

♡ Summery Makeup Tutorial ♡

Hey dolls! I haven't done a makeup tutorial in a while and I've been in love with all things summery at the moment so I decided to put together a little summery makeup look! Stay tuned if you wanna see how to do it ♡

   So for my face makeup, I started off by using concealer under my eyes (it's summer and I'm getting enough sleep yet I still have v dark eye bags ;n;). Also use the concealer to conceal any blemishes you may have. Usually I contour, but for this look I wanted it to be more young and fresh-faced so instead I applied blush to the apples of my cheeks. Then, I used white cosmetic glitter for my highlight (in place of not having a real highlighter lol) on top of the blush, mostly concentrated in the center, and on the tip of my nose.

1. I always do my eyebrows first, which I just fill and shape with brown eyeshadow and an angled brush. Then, I applied matte white eyeshadow over my lid. Then I used a light brown matte eyeshadow in my crease and blended it out. 

2. Next I take a darker brown matte eyeshadow and line just the outer part of my lower lash line with it. I blend this line into the lighter brown at the outer corner of my top lid. Then I use white eyeliner to line my waterline. Then, I take an angled brush and use a light brown eyeshadow to line my "tear bag" (that crease under your eye that appears when you smile, you know?). Then I fill in that area with a white shimmery eyeshadow (even though you can't see the shimmer in the pics ;n;).

3. Eyeliner! I used a black liquid liner. Don't start all the way at your inner corner, but like halfway in.  Make the eyeliner thicker as you reach the outer corner and end it with a small wing.

4. Apply mascara on your upper lashes and the outer part of your lower lashes. Use full, fluttery falsies on top to complete the look for the eyes.

   To top it all off, I used a bright red lipstick and clear lipgloss on top of that. Then you're done! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, have a fun summer, and be sure to check out my Instagram for more photos { dollyxdiaries }. Have a fabulous day and see you next time! ♡


  1. You did a lovely job! I really love the fluttery false lashes.

    1. thank you! I love this style of lashes too omg but this pair fell apart as soon as I took them off after making this tutorial ;n; guess it's time for a new pair lol !

  2. Definitely giving me that Lana vibe! I love it! Xx

    1. thanks bb! yass lana vibes are perfect for summer ♡