Monday, April 4, 2016

♡ Sewing Project: Black Velvet ♡

Hey dolls! Today I have another one of my sewing projects to share with you! Just to give a little background information, I started sewing when I was around 11 and made accessories and clothes for my American Girl Dolls. I first started making clothes for myself when I was 13(?). It all began with a CardCaptor Sakura costume I sewed for myself for Halloween. I've made a couple things with patterns, but since then I just like to play around with creating original designs and trying to bring them to life. Eventually I'd like to learn to make patterns, but for now I'm just winging it! I always start by getting a vague idea in my head of what I want to make. Then I go to the fabric store and see what catches my eye and what matches the idea I had. Once I see the fabrics, I'll get clearer ideas of what I want and get all the supplies I need. Then I'll make a drawing in my sketchbook of what I want the finished product to look like, and plan out how I'm going to go about sewing it. Here's the sketch for this project:

   And here are some photos of my random messy thought process and measurements to hep me along the way! I had bought stretchy black velvet material, a netted material that was on sale in the Halloween fabric section, some black ribbon, and a black zipper for the top. 

   Here's a close up photo as well as some nicer photos of how it turned out! Other than the top being a little tight, I'm really happy with it! I used a zipper in the back of the top and velcro for the choker part. I think it turned out pretty similar to my original design. What do you guys think? Please let me know your thoughts and any posts you'd like to see! Also, check out my review for these awesome Dollskill platforms here! Follow my Instagram ( dollyxdiaries ) for more photos & fun! Have a fabulous day and see you next time! ♡


  1. I just found your blog and I think it's great! I'm also a fan of Melanie Martinez! I was wondering if you had an Instagram?

    1. thank you!! yep, dollyxdiaries ♡