Thursday, March 3, 2016

♡ Shop Bitsy Review ♡

   Hey dolls! Sorry I've been gone for so long >.< I get so busy & forget all about this. But I'm back with a new post now! I'm currently promoting the accessory store Shop Bitsy, so I thought I'd review all my items for you guys! I also have a promo code that you can use to get 10% off your order: DOLLY123 ! Shop Bitsy has all sorts of pins, chokers, and other accessories for super affordable prices so you should definitely check them out!

   I ordered the Red Roses Choker, Bunny Ear Polka Dot Scrunchie, Milk Badge, Melanie Martinez Badge, Diamond Pin, and Bandaid Socks. Everything came in perfect condition just as pictured on the website.

   The Red Roses Choker is super cute and unique! I wear a lot of chokers, and this one is a perfect addition to my collection. The clasp makes it able to fit a wide variety of sizes. It's very good quality, so it's not likely to break!

   Here's a close up photo of the pins I got! Shop Bitsy has a huge selection of pins; there's something for everyone! I love how all of the pastel colors fit so nicely together ♡ The pins are high quality and the images are super clear (as in they're not blurry at all).

   Here are the Bandaid Socks! I've actually been wanting these socks for a long time so I was so happy to see that Shop Bitsy had them! They also have different colors, as well as other transparent socks, which I'm totally in love with at the moment. These are so cute and they match everything!

   Lastly is the Bunny Ear Polka Dot Scrunchie! The colors are random, but I'm really happy with the white and red one I got! ♡

♡ More Photos ♡

   I hope you enjoyed this review! Shop Bitsy has tons of cute stuff, so be sure to check them out! Don't forget to use my promo code DOLLY123 for 10% off your order! Have a fabulous day and see you next time ♡

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