Thursday, March 24, 2016

♡ OOTW ♡

   Hey dolls! So for the title, instead of Outfit of the Day, I thought I'd show you my Outfits of the Week! I thought I might start doing these so if it's something you're interested in, please let me know! If I do start doing these, there'll usually be 5 outfits but not today since it's only a four day week at school so I'll just be lazing around the house tomorrow! Also note that although I'd love to, due to weather & a lack of motivation since I just go to school everyday, I can't dress up every day so some of these will be a little more casual. I hope you enjoy them nonetheless!


   On Monday I wore a black and white striped cropped sweater, a jean jacket, black high waisted skinny jeans, an MCR bracelet, heeled boots, a choker, silver hoop earrings & ring, and a beanie. I wore my hair natural. Pretty casual because it was cold and I wasn't feeling it lol.


   This is probably my personal favorite outfit of the week lol. I'm wearing a black tank top, red plaid skirt, a denim dress that I took the elastic out of and am wearing as a jacket, fishnet tights, white boot socks, a tattoo choker with a plastic spider charm, and the same boots (you're gonna start to notice that I wear these mostly every day lol they're my favorite). My hair was a lil wavy because I slept on it braided.


   (Have you noticed that all of my outfits include the color black to some degree???) These pictures are v gray and I'm not sure why! It was't even cloudy but oh well! I wore a black sweater with mesh at the top, black opaque tights, black oxfords, a white & black plaid skirt (which appears gray from a distance), and my layered cross choker. I straightened my hair (even though it doesn't look it in the second picture ahh) It's been so windy all this week! Which means my hair goes everywhere when I'm trying to take a picture ^^"


   Yay for pastel! I desperately need more pastel colors in my wardrobe as spring is fast approaching. Today I wore my pink dress (up close it has a rose print it's v pretty), a black belt, black sweater, black knee high socks, the same boots, and a ribbon choker (another pattern- I wear chokers literally every day lol. An outfit's not complete without one!) My hair was straight again. It was a struggle to keep the wind from blowing my dress up ^^"

   I hope you liked this post! Please let me know if this is something I should keep doing & any other recommendations you have! Follow my Instagram ( dolly123diaries ) for more frequent updates! Have a fabulous day and see you next time! ♡