Friday, August 7, 2015

♡ Melanie Martinez Inspired Cry Baby Makeup Tutorial ♡

   Hey dolls! A while back I did a Melanie Martinez inspired makeup tutorial. However, I've decided to recreate the look and I like this one much better! I hope you will too! (If you don't know who Melanie Martinez is, she's a singer and you should definitely go check her out!)

   Okay so while doing this makeup, I totally forgot to take progress pictures! Thankfully, it's a very simple look, and with my explaining and the above images, you can do it too! Okay so to start you obviously want to put on concealer and foundation, as with every makeup look. I started by applying a light, dull purple color all over my lid. Then, I used a dark purple in the crease. You want this to be in a roundish shape, to make your eyes look rounder. I used the same color under my eye, fading it out towards the inner corner. Last, I brushed a pastel purple color over everything since my colors looked a little gray. Next, I used a black pencil eyeliner to line my upper lash line. You want to do a really simple line here. I used a black liquid eyeliner to draw the dot under the center of my eye. This is something cute Melanie has been doing a lot recently ^-^  I find liquid eyeliner stays better and is easier to form a circle with. Next, apply mascara as thickly as you want on only your top lashes. I don't suggest wearing falsies, since the eyelashes aren't the main point of this look. Line your waterline with a white pencil, and feel free to use it on your lower lashes and a bit below your eye, to open up your eye even more. To get my eyebrows this color, I covered them in concealer, and then filled them in with bright blue eyeshadow. Then, I used a darker blue to get them the color I wanted. Feel free to make your eyebrows thick, since Melanie's are fairly thick. Last, to complete the cry baby look, I used liquid eyeliner to draw a tear shape under my eye (I only did this on one eye). Then, I filled it in with light blue eyeshadow. Apply a bright pink blush to the apples of your cheeks, and feel free to use a lot of it. For lips, I'd suggest either a pinkish brown color (which I used), or red. I'd suggest using lip liner, since Melanie has really full lips.

   And you're finished! Have fun looking like a cry baby! Obviously this look is a bit eccentric, but I think it'd be fun to wear to a Melanie concert. Thanks for reading! Please tell me your thoughts & any suggestions for posts you'd like to see. Follow my Instagram { dolly123diaries } for more pictures and fun! Have a fabulous day and see you next time! ♡

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