Thursday, August 27, 2015

♡ DIY Gothic Lace Choker Tutorial ♡

   Hey dolls! I know I've already made a choker tutorial, but I made this one using a different method, style, and different materials so I figured I'd make another post! I actually found this way to be a lot easier ^_^


  • measuring tape
  • velcro
  • lace ribbon
  • thread that matches the lace
  • charm (optional)
  • sewing machine (a LOT easier & quicker than doing it by hand!)

Step One

  First, use the measuring tape to measure the length around your neck. Mine was 11.5 inches. Then, cut the lace about an inch and a half longer than that. (I cut mine two inches bigger & it turned out a bit looser than I would have liked). Next, I folded the lace so that it wasn't quite in half, but the edge I folded over was about a centimeter or two above the other edge. I did it this way instead of folding it directly in half so that the lacy scalloped edge would be more visible. I then sewed the edge down as well as across the top.

Step Two

   Cut a piece of each side of the velcro about 1 inch long. My velcro is already thin enough to be just the width of the choker, but if not you'll need to cut yours so that it is. I then used my sewing machine to sew around the edges of the velcro. Make sure that one is on the inside & one is on the outside so they will be able to match up. 

Step Three

   Here is an image of the finished choker! For the last step, I hand-sewed a small cross charm I have to the center of the choker. I'm not sure where I got the charm, but there's plenty of similar things & other charms that would go just as well at craft stores; it all depends on the look you're going for! Also, this charm had a small hole in the top where a jump ring used o be which made it easy to sew on. I sewed it low so that it would hang off the choker a bit, but this is where you can do whatever you want to make your choker unique!

    Now you have a new, unique choker! I'll probably make more of these since they're so simple ^-^ I hope you guys try this out, and tell me if you do! My Instagram is { dolly123diaries } for all who are interested! Have a fabulous day and see you next time! ♡

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