Monday, July 6, 2015

♡ Self Confidence ♡

   Hey dolls! Today I'd like to talk about something super important for everyone: self confidence. And despite being so important, it's extremely hard for most of us to grasp. Today I'm going to share with you some advice and tips that have worked of me and I hope will work for you.

What is self confidence?
   Self confident and self absorbed are two entirely different things. While one means you are accepting and loving of yourself, the other means you think you are the best. And the problem with self absorbed is the comparing. Isn't the comparing yourself to other people what brought you down in the first place? It's quite possible to have self confidence without comparing yourself to others or thinking you're better than others. 

How do I start liking myself?
   This can be really tricky for a lot of people. You feel like you're surrounded by beautiful, flawless people, and that only makes you realize your own flaws even more. Here's what I want you to do: think about all the different people you admire, whether it be your friends or a celebrity. Now I want you to think about the different things that make you so attracted to each person. Maybe it's their perfect skin, maybe it's simply their personality. And just think about how different all of their strong points are. There is not one idea of beauty. There are many, many different things can define beauty and they're all so different. You may think your friend is gorgeous, but would you ever compare her to a celebrity you also admire? Of course not, because they're different types of beautiful. Now apply your own self in that situation. You're a different type of beautiful than all of those people you admire, but you're still beautiful, because beautiful is not defined as one thing. 

But what about my flaws?
   Just because you now can appreciate yourself doesn't mean your flaws will disappear. The key to self confidence is embracing your flaws. Do you know why the people you admire seem perfect? Because you've chosen to embrace their flaws as something utterly unique about them that adds to the beauty. So, why can't you do that to yourself to? The answer is: you can. As soon as you embrace your flaws, they will become not flaws at all, but simply another thing to love about yourself. 

I still don't feel better
   Please note, you will most likely not be able to accept yourself just within the time of reading this post. It takes longer for some than others, but it's possible for everyone. And once you have self confidence, you may fall out of it sometimes. Just like life, there are goods and bads, but never just one, so if you do feel bad again, just remember how it felt to love yourself and you will get to that spot again. 

After you've achieved self confidence:
   Just because you are able to love yourself does not immediately mean you can't wear makeup anymore. It simply changes the way in which you wear it. While you once wore it as a way to cover up your flaws, you are now using it as a way to enhance your features, or perhaps a form of art, because makeup itself is truly an art. And you still should take care of yourself! This doesn't mean changing yourself, it just means you want to show yourself the appreciation you feel by treating yourself right. If you have problems with anything about your body, whether it be your skin, or your hair, or anything, you want to make sure you take care so that it will improve. Always be sure to eat healthy and get plenty of exercise and sleep. You're important, so you deserve to be treated right!

   I really hope this post helped some of you or at least inspired you to begin the journey to loving yourself. It truly is an important thing that all of you deserve to experience! It may not be easy, but it's worth it, and if you need any help, you can always talk to me. Have a fabulous day and see you next time! ♡♡♡

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