Saturday, July 18, 2015

♡ Happy Monday & Miruku Neko Review ♡

   Hey dolls! Today I am reviewing some clothing I have received from two adorable sites, Happy Monday and Miruku Neko (click on the store name to go to the site). First, I'll show you the stock photos and links to the items I ordered:

S/M Evan Peters ~ $19.99 
(my sister ordered this one but I'm including it in the review ^^")

   Here is an outfit photo with the first item, the white tennis skirt from Miruku Neko. This skirt is actually from the brand American Apparel, as it says so on the tag; these tennis skirts are currently very popular so lots of stores are selling them now though. At first I thought it looked sort of stiff in the stock photo but the fabric is soft, flexible, and comfortable. The skirt has a zipper and a button closure on the side and fits me perfectly. It is made to be high waisted so you have to be careful that it's not too short. Also, it looks a bit wrinkly in this photo from being all folded up in the package ^^" You can't really tell in the picture but the color of the skirt is slightly off-white.

   Here's an outfit photo including the next two items; the pink pleated plaid skirt from Miruku Neko and the I don't care shirt from Happy Monday. This skirt is much like the tennis skirt, except it's not from American Apparel. The white on this skirt is not off-white at all, so it matches the top perfectly. Again, it has a zipper and button closure, but on the back. The pattern is really cute and reminds me of the movie Clueless (one of my absolute favorites!). I also really love the shirt. The material is soft and really stretchy so it will fit a range of sizes. The Japanese characters mean "I don't care", and are written correctly, which is good ^^. The sleeves are puffy and have a cute white trim that matches the collar (which doesn't go all the way around by the way, it stops at the seam on top of the shoulders). The white is very bright and also not off-white at all. This top is a crop top so it looks nice with high waisted skirts like this one. Oh, and I know my socks are uneven ^^"

   Here is my sister wearing the last item, the Evan Peters shirt. For those of you who don't know, Evan Peters is an actor, mostly known for his role in American Horror Story, and my sister is a little bit obsessed with him ^^" The print is just as shown in the stock photo, as you can see, and is a really high quality image. The fabric is sturdy and a bit stretchy like the other top, so it'll fit a range of sizes.

   Lastly, on orders $25 and up, Happy Monday includes a free pair of earrings! Although you don't get to choose which earrings you get, all that I've seen of theirs are really cute so you'll always get something good! I think that these pegasus earrings I got are pretty common ^.^ They are pretty light for their size, but still a bit heavy for earrings, but again what do you expect ^^" 

   Both packages arrived in perfect condition and good time. The Miruku Neko package took a few days over a week to arrive, and Happy Monday took a little over two weeks. Both sites were easy to order from and have really really cheap prices!! I definitely recommend both of these stores and I plan on ordering from them again! Thank you so much for reading!! Have a fabulous day and see you next time! ♡

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