Tuesday, June 9, 2015

♡ Room Tour ♡

   Hey dolls! Today I thought I'd show you in detail around my room (you already had a sneak peek in my Kawaii Bedroom Tips post)! This post has loooooots of pictures so be prepared! I'd like to do a video at some point, but that'll be at a later date.

   I'm just gonna start with my bed and move around the room. I have a fluffy pastel pink comforter on my bed and the sheets are white and floral. I only sleep with my to favorite stuffed animals, who are sitting in front of the pillow (Woodstock from Peanuts and a lamb). The tall pink poster on the left has a bunch of quotes about dancing on it (I'm a dancer, obviously ^-^). Then, I have the Sailor Moon poster I got at ComicCon and above that is a sign that says "Dancer Street". The Sailor Moon poster is so colorful, I love it so much!

   You could see part of this area in the last photo. This is where I keep all go my trophies, medals, and ribbons from dance. We painted the shelves pastel pink ^^. I also have an Olaf poster with a quote about reading on it and a drawing I did for art to the right of that. On the floor in the corner is just my suitcase I use for dance competitions and recital and my two hats resting on top of it.

   Next is my closet, which you have all already seen. I have a pink curtain that usually hangs in front of it. Against my own advice, I actually have my lolita items near the back of my closet since I don't wear them often ^^" my clothes are organized by type and color. Below them I have a rack for my shoes, which also has all of my purses hanging off of it. There is also an organizer where I keep glitter, ribbons, origami, and sewing patterns. My closet is actually wider than this, as it extends further on the inside. On the very top shelf you can see a small part of my plushie collection (it goes all the way back into the closet ^^"). On the sides you can't see are just more clothes and extra storage for my larger bags and stuff I don't use. On the right of the photo you can also see a bit of the basket I keep fabric in and my other organizer, where I keep lots of sewing materials and journaling/penpal materials.

   Next is one of my bookshelves. This is the one where I keep all of the books I've already read.I know it's hard to see, but I also have lots of tea sets along the shelves (some of them are really mini!). I also have a chain of paper cranes hanging down the side. On top I have a teddy bear and some photographs. On the shelf nearest the top I have a wedding Barbie doll, a birdhouse, and a Hello Kitty that I cross stitched. To the right of my bookcase I have my Rilakkuma wall hanger organizer and Rilakkuma hamper (remember these from my Amazon haul?). They're really useful and cute!

   Here's a picture of my dresser. I keep all of my journals, hair stuff, pajamas, pants, manga drawing stuff, and socks in here. I have a pastel pink fabric with lace on the edge on top of my dresser (to make it look cuter and because the top of my dresser got a little roughed up ^^"). Above my dresser is my mirror (I also have a full length mirror to the left of my dresser that I didn't take a picture of). Now I'm going to show you in more detail the stuff on top of my dresser.

   On the left corner I have a Hello Kitty bucket that I keep all of my writing utensils in, as well as some Hello Kitty papers to write notes on. I have a little Hello Kitty tin of erasers to the left of the bucket, hand sanitizer, and a cupcake pencil sharpener. To the right are two of my favorite Barbies as well as two Hello Kitty figurines and a photo of me and my friend from homecoming ^^. On the very right are my perfumes, most of them from Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Lovers collection. Above this area is a little shelf with lots of cute figurines on it, which I forgot to take a picture of this time but you can find on my Kawaii Bedroom Tips post.

    In this photo you can see the little Hello Kitty figurines I have lining my mirror. I also have my eyeshadow (the black case on the left) and my Hello Kitty makeup bag. To the right I have lots of false eyelashes, my Hello Kitty false eyelashes case, a Hello Kitty tin where I keep my bobby pins, and another Hello Kitty tin where I keep my eyeshadow applicators.

   This is the right edge of my dresser. I have my Hello Kitty earring tree, a necklace holder that looks like a dress, a lamp that I decorated, and my iHome that I use to play music. I didn't take a picture but to the right of my dresser is my (pink ^^") trash bin, a giant Hello Kitty plushie, and a Hello Kitty gum ball machine, which you can see a bit of in this picture.

   On the wall next to my dresser I have a bulletin board type thing where I keep hair clips and some photographs and small drawing. This is my wall where I put photos of all sorts of things that I like. Near the top is a canvas my friend gave me. Diagonally below that is my Disney Princesses calendar. The stuff on my wall ranges from photos of me and my family to quotes to Hello Kitty things to pictures of Gerard Way, my current favorite artist.

   Sorry for the lighting in this photo, but this table is right next to my windows. This is my sewing table! On top is a little stand that holds lots of threads, my pincushions, my Hello Kitty sewing machine, and a floral box where I keep the letters from all of my penpals (I know it's not sewing related, but that's just where I keep it ^^"). On the shelf on the bottom I have my sewing boxes which have all sorts of thread, elastic, pins, needles, etc. in them, a box of magazines, and all of my fashion books and sketchbooks. Sorry that it looks a little messy over here, on the left is all of my stuff from the school year that just ended that I don't know what to do with, and on the right is a school project and my dance bag.

   Last but not least is my other bookshelf! On this one I keep manga and books that I haven't read yet. On the shelves I have my Hello Kitty, Care Bear, and bunny plushies. On top I have my fairy garden that I made, a teddy bear, my piggy bank, a pink bucket, and a little red mailbox that I keep my money in ^^.

   That's all for now! Obviously my room isn't perfect, and I'd like to paint all of my furniture so that it's the same color, but that's how it is right now and I'm happy with it! I hope you guys enjoyed this! Be sure to follow my Instagram { dolly123diaries } for more fun! Please leave recommendations of any posts you'd like to see down below! Have a fabulous day and see you next time! ♡


  1. I really love HK and Rilakkuma stuff, and that furniture under mirror. You have nice room :)

    1. Thank you! I do too ^-^ I think Hello Kitty and Rilakkuma stuff is a really easy way to make your room cute!