Thursday, June 25, 2015

♡ Princess Anna Makeup & Wig Tutorial ♡

   Hey dolls! I have recently started my summer job working at princess camps dressed as Princess Anna from Frozen! At this job I get to do crafts, dance, makeup etc. with a bunch of cute little girls~ all the while dressed as one of my favorite Disney princesses! So today I thought I'd show you how I do my makeup to look like Princess Anna and also how I get my long hair into the wig without using a wig cap! Let's start with the makeup tutorial:

(the order of the steps goes top to bottom, left to right)

Step One: Apply a caramel colored eyeshadow on your eyelid, extending to right above your crease. Apply the same color below your eye. Use a slightly darker shade of brown in your crease. Make sure to blend it all well, as you want the eyeshadow to look fairly natural.

Step Two: Draw a fairly thick line with your eyeliner (I used liquid, but you can use whatever kind you have). End the line right at the outer corner of your eye. Don't extend it all the way into the inner corner; instead, thin it out and end the line about halfway to it.

Step Three: Time for eyelashes! I am wearing two pairs of falsies for this look to get the thick eyelashes Princess Anna has. I do recommend layering the natural kind instead of using the thicker kinds that have the points, as Anna's eyelashes have more of a "natural" look to them. 

Step Four: Line your waterline with white eyeliner and apply lots of mascara to all of your bottom lashes. It's optional to wear falsies on the bottom, as long as they're not too dramatic. I forgot to do it in this picture, but put some shimmery white eyeshadow in your inner corner to give your eyes a bit of sparkle~

   Here is how I wear my hair underneath the wig. I do two french braids, then flip them up over my head and pin them down. I've found that this works best for my because it keeps me from having a bump in the back of my wig.

   Use lots of bobby pins and secure your wig in place! Apply blush on your cheeks and a bit on the tip of your nose, too. Lastly, use a natural, rosy colored lipstick. It's optional to make your eyebrows the color of Anna's hair, but I thought that mine were close enough as they are. 

   And lastly, here is a photo of me in my costume! The studio supplied both the costume and the wig for me and they are very high quality, as well as very comfortable! I wear it with my tall black boots since all that they see are the toes of my shoes.

   I hope you guys found this tutorial useful! I'd love to hear your suggestions for posts, so please don't hesitate to leave them in the comments, as well as any questions you have for me! Thanks so much for reading! Have a fabulous day and see you next time! ♡

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