Friday, May 22, 2015

♡ Syndrome Store Giveaway: Sailor Moon Review ♡

   Hey dolls! So finally, after some troubles, my long awaited package has arrived! About a month ago, I won a giveaway hosted by Syndrome Store on Instagram! This is the first time I have ever won a giveaway so I was very excited! The prize was an item from their Sailor Moon clothing collection, which I believe is originally by the Japanese brand Tralala. I chose the skirt, and then purchased the shirt online. I didn't buy the sweater since it would be too expensive >.<  Unfortunately, there was a mix-up and I received two shirts and no skirt! I emailed Syndrome Store and eventually we got it worked it out. I sent back the extra top, and they sent me my skirt! Time for photos!

   Here are photos of the complete outfit and also a closeup! The shirt also came with a button that goes in the center of the bow, but unfortunately when I pin it on it weighs the bow down. I think it looks cute without it though! The bow also has a pin on the back so it is removable. Since the items were both "free size", the skirt is a bit loose around the waist, but it still works! For those who fear it might be too small, it has a zipper on the side to put it on easily and shirring around the back! Also, sorry the skirt looks a bit wrinkled because I just took it out of the package that day >.<

   The top picture here is a closeup of the gorgeous print on the bottom of the skirt. It has all of these adorable details, with the little cats, moons, and all the gems and stars. It also says "Tralala" and "Sailormoon" in pretty cursive font. The bottom picture is a back view of the top and skirt. The skirt has a big bow on the back but unfortunately mine folds over a little bit so I might have to sew it in place. The back part of the collar on the top says Sailormoon and I love it!

   So that's it for my review! Shipping for these items was pretty quick, especially since it was from a different country. Despite the mixup, I am overall pleased with my prize and purchase and I definitely recommend them if you want high quality adorable clothes for affordable prices! Thanks for reading and check out my Instagram { dolly123diaries }! Have a fabulous day and see you next time!