Saturday, May 30, 2015

♡ Mori Girl Summer Activities & Photoshoot ♡

   Hey dolls! Since school is out (for most of us at least) we have plenty of time to try and experience new things! Today I made a list of activities that would be perfect for all of you mori girls out there (or anyone else who wants to try them)! I hope you like it!

1. Visit a Fresh Market (or just eat clean)
As mori girls like to be as close to nature as possible, one of the ways they can do this is by eating fresh fruits and vegetables. I think it would be a fun experience to go to a market and pick out all sorts of yummy things, and then make something to eat back at home! Of course, if you don't know of any markets where you live, then you can always just make an attempt to eat clean with items from places such as organic food stores~ either way, you'll be closer to nature (and feeling a lot better)!

2. Spend a Day at a Library
One of the common hobbies that most mori girls have is reading. Pick a day in the summer to go to a library and just take your time looking at all it has to offer. Perhaps when you find something you like you can sit down in one of their comfy chairs and read it there for a while! Also, if you already frequent your library, you can try going to a different library for a new experience!

3. Go on a Hike or a Bike Ride
Of course, mori girls love to be outside! Find a nice trail that is surrounded by nature whether it's around your neighborhood or in a local park, and go there often to take hikes or bike rides! This way you also get in exercise too! You can bring along a camera if you'd like and take photos of all the lovely things you see. If you're biking, it's useful to have a bike with a basket so then you can store whatever you're taking with you (camera, water, etc).

4. Get a Penpal
Of course, pen pals aren't just a summer thing, but now you have time to find a penpal, and preparing their letters will give you something to do! It's very common that mori girls have pen pals because snail mail appeals to them (it's especially fun to send little gifts, like teabags and trinkets, with your letter). Having trouble finding a penpal? We have a group on Facebook where mori girls can look for pen pals who share interests with them! You can find it by clicking HERE. I think it's really fun to collect all sorts of cute stationery, stickers, etc to send to my penpals!

5. Make Something!
Since it's common for mori girls to pass their time alone, this gives us lots of time to work on crafts! You can do some needlework (embroidery, cross stitching, crochet, etc), draw/paint something, write poetry, or just make all sorts of crafts, whether they be jewelry or things to decorate your room with! It's also fun to take these activities outside, where you can sit in the sun and work on your project. If you do that, you can also be inspired by the lovely outdoors as you work!

6. Go on a Photoshoot
I'm sure you've all seen the charming pictures of gorgeous mori girls outside all over Pinterest, Tumblr, etc. You can make your own starring: you! Find someone who will take photos of you (my little brother always takes mine ^^), put on your mori coordinate, and go outside and model as you like! There are so many possibilities that each photoshoot is different and fun!

   That's all I have on that list for today! But, that's not all for this post! I'd like to share with you some photos of a summer mori coord I put together! While it's true that mori is supposed to be rather elegant and feminine, I've seen an interesting summer take several times online where they wear shorts instead of skirts! It's a really cute look so I decided to try it out! Here are my photos:

   I hope you enjoyed! Also, did you see I opted for no makeup? A fresh way to start off the summer ^_^  Please tell me if you try any of the activities or have anything to add! Don't forget to follow my Instagram for extra fun { dolly123diaries }! Thanks for reading lovelies! Have a fabulous day and see you next time! ♡