Tuesday, February 17, 2015

♡ Marina Inspired Makeup Tutorial ♡

   Hey dolls! Recently I've started listening to the music of Marina and the Diamonds. I find her makeup style very inspiring, so I decided to draw some inspiration from it to create my own look!


  • black eyeshadow
  • black mascara
  • black stick or liquid eyeliner
  • false lashes
  • old false lashes or bottom lashes
  • white eyeliner
  • pink lip color
  • pink or clear lip gloss
  • pink blush

Step One: Thickly one your upper lash line with eyeliner, finishing off with a ing pointing outwards at the corner. While it doesn't look good on me, you can make the decision as whether to draw all the way to your inner corner or cut it off like I did. 

Step Two: Apply your false lashes. I recommend ones with separated points, like mine (remember these from my Kawaii Gyaru Shop Review post?).

Step Three: Draw in your crease with black eyeshadow. Make it thick, and make sure it's a bit above your crease so it's noticeable when your eye is open. 

Step Four: Apply white eyeliner to your waterline. Make sure to go over it many times so it's very bold. To make the bottom lashes, I cut up an old pair of falsies and made four little lashes for each eye. If you have actual bottom lashes in this style, you could use those. After glueing them on, use mascara on your actual lower lashes and clump them together on top of the falsies. 

Draw a heart with black eyeliner under one eye near the outer corner. Apply bubblegum or pastel pink lip color and lip gloss. Use a little bit of the same shade of pink blush on your cheeks. And you're done! I hope you liked this tutorial, be sure to leave comments, questions, and post ideas down below! Thank you for reading! Have a fabulous day and see you next time! ♡

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