Sunday, December 21, 2014

♡ My Favorite YouTubers ♡

   Hey dolls! In this post, I'm going to put a list of my favorite YouTubers in three categories: Kawaii, Lolita, and Mori Girl. The reason for this post is that YouTube is a place where many of us go for inspiration and advice, and sometimes good channels can be hard to find. So, here are all of my favorites!
*Disclaimer: I do not own any of the pictures. I have included their Instagram and YouTube names to credit them. All photos are from their Instagrams, as I have been granted permission except in a few cases, where I assume they may have been too busy. I will remove images upon request.


YouTube: Anastasiya Shpagina
Instagram: anastasiya_fukkacumi
   Anastasiya Shpagina, called on the internet "Fukkacumi" or simply "Ana", is a quite famous "living anime girl". On her YouTube, she posts lots of makeup tutorials and celebrity transformations where she uses her makeup skills to transform herself into a celebrity. She does not speak English but usually has subtitles on her videos. Her tutorials are very cute, unique, and easy to follow.

YouTube: Alexa Poletti
Instagram: alexapoletti
   Alexa Poletti is a model and talented makeup artist. On her YouTube, you can find many makeup tutorials of different characters, such as Ariel, Maleficent, Charmander, and Totoro. She has also recently started posting monthly favorites videos, where she tells you about her favorite products and where you can buy them. Her bubbly personality and cute, unique style makes her videos a pleasure to watch.

YouTube: dakotakoti
Instagram: dakota.koti
   Dakota Rose, or "Dakotakoti", is a YouTuber as well as a blogger and a model for the Japanese magazine "Popteen". On her YouTube, she posts mostly cute and unique hairstyle tutorials. Her videos are in Japanese, but are easy to follow. Some of them are based around anime such as Sailor Moon, CardCaptor Sakura, and Chobits. She has also posted makeup and outfit videos in the past. 

YouTube: Venus Angelic
Instagram: venus_angelic
   Venus Palermo, or "Venus Angelic", is a very popular living doll. She has been making YouTube videos since she was 13 years old and still does today. Although there are many controversial opinions on her, she is one of my favorites to watch, as her videos always inspire me. Most of her older videos are makeup tutorials for her cute dolly look, as well as a few hairstyle tutorials. She also does cute and silly videos where she tries odd Japanese candy. Most of her more recent videos are haul videos showing her cute clothing and where to buy it.


YouTube: Lovely Lor
Instagram: lovelylor
Lovely Lor is a sweet lolita YouTuber who makes lots of helpful videos giving advice to lolitas. She also has some silly videos about relatable lolita things that have a humorous spin on them. Her videos always provide you with something, whether it's advice or a laugh!

YouTube: Princess Peachie
Instagram: princesspeachieangel
   Princess Peachie is a sweet lolita who makes cute digital art for a living and enjoys all things kawaii. Her videos are silly and lighthearted, along with her personality, and offer advice to lolitas as well as some closet and makeup videos so you can try to match her style! Her videos always make me laugh and are very cute and inspirational!

YouTube: deerstalkerpictures & Deerstalker Pictures 2
Instagram: milkyfawn (of the person in the photo, not the channel)
   Deerstalker Pictures, as well as its second channel, have many humorous videos on lolita fashion, which usually feature the two lovely ladies in the picture. On their second channel, the lolita on the left of the bottom part of the image, who goes by "Milky Fawn", does many unboxing videos and other lolita vlogs. 

Mori Girl

YouTube: Dear Miss Kellie
Instagram: misskellietea
   Miss Kellie is a mori girl blogger and YouTuber. She is very sweet and always has lovely coords. On her channel, you can find inspiring mori lifestyle vlogs where she walks through nature and talks. She also has an unboxing video of the brand Grimoire. Her channel is really lovely and truly worth the look.

YouTube: Anie Inspired
Instagram: anieinspired
   Stephanie, or "Anie", is an Etsy shop owner as well as blogger and YouTuber. While her channel is not specifically mori, I feel like it has the atmosphere and her videos are pleasant to watch. You can find many different things on her channel, like reviews, recipes, and clothing videos. As the name says, she is certainly inspiring and her videos are lovely to watch!

   Well, I hope this helped some of you! If you have any YouTubers I didn't mention who you think are worth the look, comment them! Also, comment any post suggestions you may have! Thanks for reading! Have a fabulous day and see you next time! ♡


  1. I look up to these girls. Especially Anastasiya Shpagina. They're my YouTube role models. Do you know Wengie? She should be on this list! XD

    1. Me too! I do not but I will look her up! I'm always looking for new people to watch on YouTube! Thanks for reading! <3

  2. Replies
    1. Mine too! She's so cute, I love all her videos!

    2. Me too :3 but I really like her video with her twin sister Jenna and that kawaii room tour ♥ I can have kawaii zone only where will be my table :D My boyfriend doesn´t like to much kawaii stuff :D

    3. I love the Kawaii Room Tour too! I have my own room, so I try to make it as cute as possible!

    4. You have to make kawaii room tour post too :) btw do you have instagram?

    5. I would love to do a room tour! I'll see about making one in the future ^_^ Yes I do have an Instagram! My username is dolly123diaries

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