Friday, December 19, 2014

♡ Mori Coordinating Tips ♡

   Hey dolls! What do you think of the new set-up? I'm not very tech-savvy, but I'm trying my best! Anyways, this post will be helpful to a lot of beginner mori girls. The layering style isn't always easy, and this shows you basic instructions on how to put together a coordinate. This outfit will be very white-based, as it is a good color for beginners to work with. Also, all of these items are neither thrifted nor specifically "mori", they were bought in regular stores such as Target and Kohls. This is to show that you can be a Mori girl with nearly anything! Okay, let's start!


   For the bottom layer, I'm wearing a basic white tank top and a halter dress worn as a skirt. I like to use my clothes for different functions often in mori, as it helps to 'expand' your wardrobe. I simply tied the strings around my waist so that the dress would be lower and therefore longer. Plus it doesn't matter what it looks like, as this will be beneath everything else.


   In this step, I added a long, white tank top made of a thin sheer material, that also has buttons and embroidery detail on the top. I put on white ankle socks with ruffles and a brown belt, as I am going to use the color brown as a secondary color to tie into my coordinate so that it's not completely white.


   In the final step for the outfit, I added a long white cardigan with brown buttons, brown ankle boots with lace on the sides, and a brown satchel purse. This way, I have tied in my secondary color and added more to the outfit.


   If you want to wear earrings, I recommend something simple, such as the pearls I am wearing. I added a brown button bracelet, as it is very natural looking and matches the buttons on my cardigan, and also a gold necklace with a bird and a cage. If you do add a necklace, I suggest that it's not too flashy and matches the nature theme. For hair in mori, it's pretty much "anything goes", so I wore my hair in its' natural wavy state. Other suggestions would be braiding it or soft curls. 

   I hope this post helped you out! Please comment your thoughts on my new look for my blog and any suggestions you may have! Also, I'm always open to your ideas for posts! Have a fabulous day and see you next time! ♡


  1. Too cute! Maybe I'll go Mori Style for the day soon!

    1. Thanks, I'm glad you liked it! You totally should, you'd be adorable in it!