Thursday, October 30, 2014

Broken Doll Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Hey dolls! Today I have a spooky makeup tutorial because... Halloween is tomorrow! I'm so excited! In this look I am going to show you how to look like a broken china doll, like the paint is peeling off. There are many costumes that go with this look, and it's creepy but cute at the same time! Let's start!

Step One

   I don't have a supplies picture, so any makeup you need will be put in bold throughout the tutorial so you can find it. For this step, all you need is black stick eyeliner. Don't put on any foundation before this step! We will get to that later! Anyways, draw cracks on your face, connecting them so that there is an enclosed space. I suggest doing them like I did, one on your eye and one partially on your mouth. It makes the finished look more dramatic. I also added a crack to my forehead to balance it out.

Step Two

    In the enclosed spaces, apply pale concealer. On top of that put a lot of white eyeshadow. Make sure you do this on the part of your lip that is in the space as well. You want these parts to look very white, as this is the porcelain that the paint has peeled off of. Give the rest of your face a nice shade, using foundation and powder to exaggerate the look. Redraw the crack lines if you have to.

Step Three

   Apply bright pink blush on the apples of your cheeks, so it almost looks like round circles. Apply red lipstick to the part of your lip that isn't concealed. Apply concealer on the corner of your mouth and outline small lips that are very doll-like. On the eye that is enclosed in the cracked space, apply concealer to your eyelashes, especially if they are dark like mine. For the other eye, I did a dolly makeup. Draw a line with black liquid liner about a quarter to half an inch below your eye, and fill the space with white eyeliner. Put it in your waterline as well as the inner corner of your eye. Line your top lid, getting the thickest at the top. Put some black shadow in your crease to deepen your eye. Apply falsies on the top, near the outer corner where the line is extended and you don't naturally have lashes. Enhance with mascara. You can apply falsies on the bottom, but since I don't have bottom falsies, I chose a different method. Use the liquid liner to draw thin eyelashes on the line you drew below your eye.

   And you're done! Pair this with a Victorian dolly outfit and long curled locks, you'll have the perfect spooky Halloween costume! Thank you for reading! Tell me your thoughts and suggestions for new posts! Have a spook-tastic Halloween!

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