Saturday, September 27, 2014

Mori Girl Makeup Tutorial & Photoshoot

   Hey dolls! I'd like to start off by saying I am soooo sorry for neglecting my blog! I have just had so much homework, and dance practice, and lack of sleep that I couldn't find any time to post. I'm trying to get a regular schedule going again, so please bare with me!

   Anyways, today I'd like to show you a tutorial on a good way to do your makeup if you plan on wearing mori girl! I know that, since mori girl is about nature, that some people like to go naturally with no/minimal makeup. But other people who enjoy mori can feel self conscious without makeup, or just really like the look of it! I hope you like it!


  • Eyeshadow in the colors with the numbers on them; white, caramel colored, and medium brown; a darker brown could work well too
  • Lipstick/tint in the colors with the numbers on them; light pink and darker Barbie pink
  • White eyeliner
  • Brown pencil liner
  • Stick concealer or nude lipstick
  • Clear lip gloss
  • Pink blush
  • Face powder
  • Mascara (not pictured sorry ^^")
Step One

   Although it's not pictured, I do recommend starting with a moisturizer, it's very good for your skin. I use one with sunscreen in it because I prefer to have a pale complexion. If you have bad skin or don't feel comfortable without it, then you can use foundation, but I think it looks the most natural without it. Use concealer under your eyes and on any blemishes you have. Then, use the face powder only where your face is shiny and use a very thin coat so as to make it more natural.

Step Two

   Use the caramel colored eyeshadow on your eyelid. Line your top lid with white eyeliner, making it thickest on the outside. Apply the medium/darker brown eyeshadow on top of this to make it almost like eyeliner! Also apply it in your crease to give your eyes depth and make a more innocent look.

Step Three

   I put a lot of steps into one picture, sorry ^^". Line the crease of your tear bag with brown eyeliner, then smudge it to make it look natural. Use the white eyeliner to line your tear bag and your inner corner. Put the white eyeshadow on top of it to make it last longer. Put white eyeliner in your waterline too. Apply mascara on the top and only on the outer corner of the bottom. This makes your eyes look bigger. If you have naturally thin/light eyebrows, you may want to fill them in or make them more prominent with eyeshadow or brown pencil liner. Do not go overboard with this though or it will not look good~ you don't want your eyebrows to overpower your eyes, you want them to compliment them! Mine are naturally prominent, so I skipped this step.

Step Four

   Apply blush close to your eyes in the outer corner. For your lips, start by applying the nude lipstick or stick concealer. Then, apply the light pink color, but don't put it on the entirety of your lips. Leave a bit of the concealer showing on the edges. Then, apply the darker pink lip color on the inside rim of your lips. Blend these together, and apply some lipgloss, and you have very pretty gradient lips! And you're done! I also think freckles are very pretty with mori, but I naturally have freckles, so if you don't you can try to lightly draw some on, but make it look natural! They are not super dark, they are not perfect circles, and they are not spaced far apart! It takes a bit of practice to do this step, but if you really want to, then keep trying! Here is the finished makeup look in the above pictures~

   I did a mori girl photoshoot with my new makeup look, so I thought I'd share it with you! We have a lovely trail behind our new house that leads through such pretty nature! 

I hope you all enjoyed my tutorial & photos! Please leave any comments you may have! Also, I am very open to suggestions for new posts! I'd love to hear your thoughts, and I'll try to do whatever you ask! I wish you all a mori filled day!

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