Thursday, August 14, 2014

Mori Girl OOTD

   Hey dolls! So the other day, I decided to do another mori coordinate! This time I went a bit more colorful and practiced more layering. All pictures are taken by me. I use something to set my phone upright, then use my timer camera app and it takes the picture for you!

   These two pictures allow you to see the coordinate I put together. It consists of a sweater with holes in the sleeves underneath a loose shirt with bohemian prints on it, which is tucked into a floral pattern skirt layered on top of a long, white skirt. I'm wearing my brown boots with the lace on the sides, a brown belt on my waist, a brown button bracelet, a long white button necklace, and a flower crown that matches the print on the skirt.

   I've seen a lot of mori girl photos where the girl is leaning up agains a tree and reading or writing or something, so I decided to try it. I really like how the first picture looks, but the light was so bright at the bottom, I took another from a different angle. You can see more of my face that way. The book I am reading is The Secret Garden, one of my personal favorites, and something I think a mori girl would enjoy.

   This one was taken from such an angle as to make me look high in the tree, when I am actually only standing on that nub that you see right above my head in the reading pictures. I can climb much higher in the tree, but my phone couldn't be tilted to look any higher. This is one of my favorite climbing trees, and I like how natural I look in it.

   The last picture! This flower bush made the perfect scenery, as it matched my flower crown and my skirt. I love how the ground is littered with petals.

   That's all I have! Please tell me your thoughts and advice in the comments! I wish you all a sunshine filled day!

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