Friday, August 15, 2014

Kawaii Bunny Headband Tutorial

   Hey dolls! While designing fashions, I designed some lacy bunny ears for my magician themed collection. Looking back at them, I decided they would be very simple to make! They are super easy and super cute! Follow this tutorial to make your own!


   Sorry I forgot to take a picture ^^".
  • White fabric
  • Fairly thick but bendable wire (look at the pictures below to get an idea)
  • Thin white lace
  • White thread
  • Sewing machine (I mean, unless you want to hand sew, I guess)
  • A plain headband you don't mind using (a hard one, not a wrap-around one)
  • White paint and a paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • Fabric pencil (in a color other than white)
  • Hot glue gun

Step 1

   Here's the wire I'm using. Bend it into a bunny ear shape of however long and thin you want it to be. Obviously, make two (you don't want to be a one-eared bunny).You can see on the one on the right that the wire is little bendy. This is alright because they will be inside of the ear.

Step 2

   Place the ear that is the least bendy on the fabric, and draw around it using a fabric pencil. Leave about a half inch of space all around. Cut it out and pin it to the fabric to make three more, leaving a total of four fabric bunny ear shapes.

Step 3

   Sew the white lace around the edge of a bunny ear, so that it's facing the middle. Repeat this step on only one more, so that you have two with lace, and two still blank.

Step 4

   Sew the blank bunny ears on top of the ones with lace, with the lace sandwiched between the two ears. Do not sew the bottom, leave it open! Make sure that the lace stays pointing inwards and doesn't get caught in the seam.

Step 5

   Turn them inside out. This may take awhile since the hole is a bit small. Use a pencil to push fabric out all the way. You now have two limp, lacy bunny ears!

Step 6

   Insert the wire ears into the hole at the bottom. You may have to squash the top a bit to get it to fit, but once you get it in, you can situate it.

Step 7

   Stuff the ears! Use a pencil to get the stuffing all the way to the top. Make sure that the stuffing goes in the middle of the wires, to ensure that they stay on the edges. Don't make it super fluffy, but just enough so that they aren't limp and will be able to stand.

Step 8

   Paint the headband white. It doesn't matter what the bottom looks like, that'll be on your head! Use two or three coats so that it's solid.

Step 9

   Glue the ears on! This might be a bit tricky since there is a whole in the bottom, but just smear it with hot glue and stick it on the headband, holding it until it dries. Once it's stuck, apply glue around the edges to ensure it stays. If it falls off, don't worry! The bottom of the ear is flat and solid from the first time you glued it on, so this time will be much easier! Place them however you want! 

   And you're finished! Have fun wearing your cute new headband around! For extra cuteness, wear a Lolita headbow in front of the ears! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! I wish you all a cupcake filled day!


  1. Miss your posts! Where are you? Are you ok?

    1. Sorry, I've just started school and been busy moving! I'll make a new post very soon! 💗