Thursday, July 10, 2014

Teen Board

I have an exciting announcement today! As you know by now, I am an avid reader (check out my Book Haul & Secret Garden Review post). About a month ago, I applied to be part of the Teen Board on I, along with 30 other teens, made it! If you go on the website and look at the Teen Board, you can find me on there listed as Maggie L. But what is a Teen Board, you may ask? Basically when you are on the Teen Board they will send you books of your choice to read and post reviews, blog posts, etc. about. Along with that, we are also required to spread the word about Teen Reads and try to encourage reading! So look forward to blog posts on more books! And I decided that you guys could help me! If you have a particular book that you love and would like me to review, just leave a comment and I will try to read it and post a review on it for you! Also, if you ever don't know what to read, just leave me a comment telling me what type of books you like and I will recommend some! I hope you guys enjoy this and thank you for supporting me!

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