Saturday, July 26, 2014

Lolita Wrist Cuff Tutorial

Hello, everyone! I have made something extra special for you guys today! A lolita wrist cuff tutorial! While searching the web for some advice on how to make mine, I noticed there was a significant lack in wrist cuff making information. So, I decided to put my own tutorial out there for all of you DIY lolitas to use! All pictures are mine.


  • Lace (I used big lace and small accent lace)
  • Elastic (probably thin, and the same color as your lace)
  • Scissors
  • A sewing machine

Step One:

   Even though it's not in the picture, you should cut your elastic first. Wrap it around your wrist so that it's a little stretched, and cut it there. Mine was around 5 inches. I cut my lace double the size of the elastic, so it was 10 inches. Considering I only used about 8 inches though, you don't necessarily have to make it so big, but it's helpful. As you can see here, I have the big main lace, which is used for making the actual cuff, and then a smaller accent lace which I will sew onto the big lace. This is totally optional, but play around with it! Try different colors and styles! You'll want to make sure you're cutting two of everything, as, obviously, we're making a cuff for each wrist.

Step Two:

   If you used an accent lace, sew it on with a sewing machine (obviously using thread in the same color as your lace). I didn't sew mine to the very bottom of the big lace, as the bottom has a very pretty ribbon detail, so I sewed it right above instead, as you see in the picture.

Step Three:

   Sorry for the quality of this picture ^^". Next, sew the elastic on the bottom of the inside of the lace. While you are sewing, make sure to streeeetch the elastic as far as it will go, or else your wrist cuff will not be able to get over your hand. This is why we needed such long lace!

Step Four:

   Final step! To close the cuff, you will want to make sure your lace is inside out, with right sides together, so the seam will be on the inside. Sew just along the edge. I put some colorful pins on mine in the picture to show where to sew.

   And you're done! I hope you found this tutorial useful, and if you have any ideas for new posts, then please comment below! Thank you so much for reading!

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