Saturday, June 14, 2014

Book Haul & Secret Garden Review

   Today I have a two-in-one post for everybody! I will get the smaller part out of the way first.

   So, some of you guys may not know that I am a HUGE book lover. I read all kinds of books, comedy, fantasy, romance, manga, long books, short books, anything. Yesterday, I went shopping at Half Price Books, which is like, my favorite book store since they have so many books and such cheap prices. I wanted to show you what I got!

   Sorry for my poor picture editing ^^". I bought 6 books yesterday and only for $25! The fist one I got is Cinder, which seems to be really popular right now. The next one is Saving Zoë, by Alison Noël. The book seems really good and the main reason I picked this one out is because Alison Noël is the author of the Radiance trilogy, which I loved, and you should really read. The two in the middle line are titled Bloomability and Replay, and I got these ones because they're both by Sharon Creech, who is a really good author. I've read two of her books, Walk Two Moons and Ruby Holler, which I loved. I'll read pretty much anything by her. And the last two books are Tokyo Mew Mew A La Mode 1 and 2, which is the whole A La Mode series, if I'm correct. I've been trying to collect all of the Tokyo Mew Mew books so I can read the series! 

   Okay, so enough of me prating, what I really wanted to talk about in this post was the book The Secret Garden

   ^That is my copy of the book, along with a peek at my doilies, flower crowns, and tea set collection. This book has to be one of my favorite books. It is so unique, and charming, and I simply loved it. If you have not read this book I highly suggest it! It is a classic and an extremely lovely one at that. A lot of the more modern books are getting more depressing, and the problem only seems to snowball into a bigger one as the plot rolls on, and then the end only solves about half of the problem, sort of saying "oh well" to the rest of the characters! Not exactly a mood lifter, might I add. Reading this book was exquisitely joyful. I read it during the school year, when my stress levels were turned up to full blast. After a long day at school, this was the perfect escapism book. The way the plot slowly unravels like the bud of a flower is truly enrapturing. It is not boring, in the way some slow books can be, but more like it lets you fully gaze upon each stage of the opening flower. Things start off dreary for Mary Lennox, turning her into a sour little girl. But as you read, you truly get to know her and you watch her come to life again and it is beautiful. Not only that, but the way it is written is ideal, too. Unlike other classics, this book is easy to understand and the way it describes things give you the perfect image in your head, almost like watching a movie. This book is so beautiful and joyful, the way you get to watch Mary and her cousin Colin on their way to recovery through the means of a garden. 

   Another thing I would like to speak about is the movie. It is titled simply The Secret Garden also, and was made in 1975. I would rate this movie 5 out of 5 stars, alongside the book. I think they perfectly captured the spirit of this book. The casting was perfect, the costumes impeccable, and even the secret garden was all you'd imagine it to be. I'm pretty sure most of the dialogue in the movie was taken straight from the book, which I loved. It took me on the same journey that the book did, which is everything I want in a movie based off of a book. Although, I must say, I liked the book better, as usual. Books simply bring me more joy to read, rather than to watch. 

   All in all, I would highly recommend to anyone the book and the movie. Whew, that was a long post! I hope you enjoyed it, and thank you for reading!
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  1. The Secret Garden was one of my favourite books as a child. Your blog post makes me want to reread it! =D

    1. I love it too! You should watch the movie, if you haven't already. Thank you so much for reading my blog!