Sunday, February 26, 2017

♡ Valfré Phone Case Review ♡

I got my iPhone 6s this summer at the end of July, and I've already cracked and broken two cases for no other reason than me being clumsy af. Which is why I've found it necessary to buy myself a new case, this time made out of a silicone material so that it won't break when I drop it (which is like, multiple times a day). So I went to Dolls Kill, of course, to look around for a new case (of course; if you're not new around here then you'll know Dolls Kill is one of my all time fave stores), and I picked out this one by the brand Valfré!

     Since I'm cheap I usually go for cases under $10- the other "Valfré" case I owned for my last phone was actually a knockoff I bought on Amazon for like $3. But this time I decided to go over my price range a little because I knew I'd be using this case for a while, plus it was half off so how could I not?

     Honestly what's better than coming home to a Dolls Kill package in your mailbox? (I'm kidding, it's important to find happiness in non-materialistic things :-) but that's beside the point). The case came in perfect condition in this cute lil Valfré polka dot box. Side note, Dolls Kill's shipping is v good (if you live in the US- otherwise I wouldn't know), I always get my packages within a couple days.

     I was a little worried that the case might not fit since it just says iPhone 6 on the website and I have a 6s but it fits perfect! I really love the 3D flower on the back, and it doesn't get in the way for me or anything, and my phone still lays fairly flat on the table. 

     Long story short everything is 10/10 stars, highly recommend. That is all, I hope you enjoyed this post, and thanks for reading! 

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

♡ Glossier Phase 2 Set Review ♡

Back with another post, I finally have the inspiration and motivation to blog again. Actually I'm probably just going to do a bunch of reviews so if that's not what you're here for then I guess you can uh leave now.

Today's review is of the beauty brand Glossier. I've had my eye on their products for a while now, so I was really happy when I got the Phase 2 Set for Christmas! A few words about Glossier: this brand is unique because it's all about going back to the basics and letting your natural beauty shine through the makeup. I think their motto "skin first, makeup second" sums it up quite well.

First I'd like to mention the packaging, because I love it so much. I find the whole aesthetic of the brand so charming, with their pastel pink and white minimal color scheme and design. Everything came in this white box, and the products were inside of the pink bubble wrap zip pouch. 

It also came with a poster with some of Glossier's models on it, as well as some Glossier stickers that I think are so cute! I really liked how they included these in the package. 

In accordance with their overall brand aesthetic, I really like the simple, sleek packaging of their products. So the Phase 2 Set comes with Stretch Concealer, Generation G sheer matte lip tint, and Boy Brow brow gel. The Phase 1 Set is a set that comes with four skincare basics. I'd really like to own this at some point, but I asked for the Phase 2 Set instead since it's $50 while the Phase 1 Set is $80. 

I got the Stretch Concealer in the lightest shade, as per usual. It's a lightweight, creamy concealer that comes in this little pot and can just be applied with your fingers.

 This is Generation G in the shade Cake. It's like a lip balm, but it adds color to your lips and is easily buildable. Plus, it's matte which I really like (I usually use Vaseline in place of chapstick so my lips are like, always shiny).

Lastly, I got Boy Brow in brown. There are only 3 shades (blond, black, and brown) and based on the website I was scared the color might be too light for my eyebrows, but fortunately I was wrong! This gel works to fill in as well as shape your eyebrows.

So this is me with all three products on and nothing else (I was going to post a bare face pic for comparison but I'd rather not scare everyone away (jk!)). I'm just going to start off by saying I am v impressed with these products! First, for being so lightweight, the Stretch Concealer certainly does a good job. I applied it under my eyes (to hide dark circles), on my eyelids (to hide veins), on the sides of my nose (to hide redness), and on my chin (to hide acne scars). The factor I was most impressed with was its ability to cover up my dark under eye circles! I have realllllly prominent eye bags all the time so I was really pleased that this concealer did such a good job of hiding them. Second, the Generation G lip tint added a hint of color to my lips while also keeping them matte. If I have one complaint about the whole set it'd be that my lips felt a little dry while wearing the lip tint, but I find I experience that with most matte lip products, and it wasn't so bad as to be really uncomfortable or anything. I think at some point I'd like to order a brighter color of Generation G like Zip or Jam, but I think Cake is really good for a natural no-makeup look. Lastly, I really really love Boy Brow! I have naturally pretty thin eyebrows so I fill them in with eyeshadow every time I wear makeup. However this gel did a really good job of filling out my eyebrows but keeping them looking natural, and it also holds the hairs in place really well (and it doesn't feel stiff!). 

I just wanted to throw a couple more pictures out there of this same look but with mascara and highlighter. The Phase 2 Set is definitely going to be my go-to products for days when I want a more natural look. It was so nice not wearing foundation and just letting my skin breathe! All in all, I would give this set 5 out of 5 stars, and I definitely plan to go to Glossier again when I'm in need of more beauty products. I hope you found this review helpful! Thanks for reading ♡

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

♡ My Favorite Online Stores ♡

   Welcome back after my three month unprecedented hiatus, I finally am here with a new post. As you can tell, I love shopping and I especially love finding online stores with unique clothes and accessories that you won't usually find in local stores. So today I decided to help out anyone else who also loves online shopping by posting a list I've compiled of some good online stores! I'll probably edit this list as I see fit as time passes.Warning: This post is really, really long :,^)

♡ Stores I Have Bought From ♡
   I personally always like reading reviews before I buy from stores, so these are the ones that I've ordered from before & been pleased with the results!

(you can find my reviews here and here!)
This is honestly one of my favorite stores to order from, due to the massive selection and variety, affordable prices, high quality, and fast shipping! Dolls Kill has everything from goth to girly to boho to punk and even more. In fact, they have their five "dolls", which appear as sections on their websites, each catered to a different style. Willow is for those who love that Coachella, festival look, Kandi is full of rave clothing and accessories perfect for a neon night out, Mercy is the perfect place for all your gothic needs, Coco is filled with pastel pink and everything cutesy, and Darby is for those who prefer a punk, hardcore look. They stock lots of brand names, and I think their site is really fashion forward. Although some of their items are a little pricy, the always have their share of affordable items too, as well as a bountiful clearance section. They stock clothes, accessories, jewelry, makeup, shoes, home items, and even stuff for pets! There's something for everyone!

( you can find my reviews here and here!)
Happy Monday has super cute and original items. They come out with new designs for their tops all the time, most of which are either cute, edgy, aesthetic, or even memes. The designs and items are all super high quality, and you won't find them anywhere else. Plus the prices are v affordable!

Store Dog Dog
(you can find my review here!)
Okay, I want to buy literally like every single item on this site. Plus, do you see those prices?? Probably the cheapest on this list! And for no lesser quality. And free shipping!! Honestly this is your one way ticket to an aesthetic wardrobe. Another one of my faves, obviously. 

Kuri Club
(you can find my review here!)
As you'll notice if you clicked on my review, I ordered from this store when they went by the name Miruku Neko. However, they closed for a little bit and reopened as Kuri Club! They have really cute and affordable clothes and accessories, most of which are popular in current Korean/aesthetic fashion trends.

Shop Bitsy
(you can find my review here!)
If you're like me and you love adding accessories like chokers, pins, and cute socks to your outfits, then you'll love this store! All of the items are of great quality and super cute, and the store owner is super sweet. Plus, you can use my discount code DOLLY123 to get 10% off your order!

♡ Stores I Haven't Bought From ♡
As the title suggests, these are stores that I personally have not bought from, but I have seen good reviews on and plan to order from at some point!

Shy Lolita
This store has tons of cutesy clothes that are trending in Japanese fashion. They've got gothic style clothes, super sweet kawaii clothes, Japanese school uniform outfits, wigs, shoes, bags, etc! The prices are pretty good considering how cute everything on the website is!

Lit Fit
If you keep up with the latest trends, you'll love Lit Fit! They have lots of current items and for really good prices (prices which can be even better if you use my discount code dollyxdiaries to get 10% off your order!!). They have clothes, accessories, shoes, and even cute bra & underwear sets. Expect a review from me on this store!

Style Nanda
I actually discovered this store when I was watching one of Taylor R's YouTube videos and she mentioned that she frequently makes purchases here. Style Nanda has a HUGE selection of all the latest in Korean fashion trends! I personally am a big fan of current Korean fashion trends so I love this site. While these prices are higher than some of the others on this list, they still aren't expensive and I think it's quite worth it for the high quality garments they stock. As well as clothes and accessories, they also stock makeup! As you probably know, Korean beauty products are pretty popular worldwide, and they've got some nice affordable items on Style Nanda. I find this site to be extremely fashion forward; I feel like a lot of these items pave the way for some popular trends. Also, each of their products has a TON of pictures (which I personally love, because I like to see as much of an item as I can before purchasing), plus the photoshoots for each item are super high quality and have such a nice aesthetic. This is definitely high up on my list for stores to try!

Echo Clubhouse
This store has clothes, shoes, and accessories in a vintage, 90's aesthetic. All of their bright colors, velvets, chunky heels, platforms, and scrunchies are a blast from the past and perfectly resonate the 90's revival. Plus, good prices! What's not to love?

Punk Rave
If your style leans more towards the gothic side, then this store is for you. I actually have seen multiple reviews of this store on Toxic Tears' YouTube channel (one of my favorite YouTubers, I admire her style and she's so sweet and funny), so you should check them out if you're thinking about ordering! When my style was more goth last year, I browsed a lot of shops like this but this is definitely the best one I've found! They have tons of gothic clothes, and while some are a little pricey, there are definitely also many very affordable items on the site! They have lots of different gothic dresses (which I think would be REALLY cool for different types of photoshoots!), including gothic lolita dresses and gothic victorian dresses. I've had an affinity for both lolita fashion and victorian fashion at some point, so I really love all the options they have in these styles! They also have really cool gothic and steampunk accessories, like corsets and victorian collars. They also have really good items for a more casual punk style if you're not into all of the frills of victorian or lolita. Have I mentioned that I think their products would be super dope for some sort of gothic/victorian photoshoot??


Nikki Lipstick
A lot of people have stumbled upon the store by way of Nikki Lipstick's iconic Instagram posts (as did I). She's super positive and passionate about what she does. Her store is full of unique, pastel goth t-shirts, crop tops, accessories, etc! If you love all things cute and all things spooky with a healthy dose of girl power, then you'll love Nikki Lipstick's store.

I've browsed this store ever since they were just starting out and trying to get their name out there up until now, when they've got a huge following (and huge amount of positive feedback). They've got tons of unique custom designed prints embellishing their clothing. They're constantly adding cute new stuff to their site. Kokopie radiates the tumblr aesthetic, with themes such as space, aliens, crybaby, grid patterns, all that good stuff. A majority of the products are unique to this store and they have such a nice aesthetic going on. Some items are a little pricy, but others aren't, plus they always have lots of sales going on!

I find their aesthetic and products to be similar to those at Dolls Kill, so if you like Dolls Kill then you should check out this store too! I've been seeing this store pop up a lot on social media recently so I'm glad I decided to check it out, they've got all sorts of popular, eye-catching apparel.

This store is unique from anything else on this list; it's a unisex streetwear brand, designed and run all by one very talented girl. The items in her shop follow a mainly black and white color scheme, and are decorated with simple drawings for a minimalist aesthetic. I really like this shop and I think it's really cool how just one girl designs and runs everything!

This store is stocked with a good variety of clothes and accessories with colorful and unique patterns and designs. They've got a really colorful, artsy aesthetic going on that I really like. They also have a section in their store that's stocked with a more mainstream, chic style so it's the best of both worlds.

Asos is a widely popular site with a huuuuuuge selection of items. Which means they also have a wide range of prices, so there's something for everyone's budget! Since there're so many products on this site I find it takes a bit more looking to find something that suits my personal style but I really love all of the pieces I do find and I've read lots of good reviews on the quality!

Sandy's Shop
This shop is definitely super affordable, as well as super cute! They mainly have cute unique crop tops, tights/socks, chokers, and pleated skirts! You can find some really cute items on here for good prices, and they also have a huge selection of patterned tights that I haven't really seen anywhere else! Also, my friend Sugar Mew has ordered from this store before, and it always makes me feel better about trusting the quality when someone I know has had a good experience.

Yet another store full of cute Korean fashion (are you noticing a pattern here?). This store has clothes, shoes bags, accessories, and even stationery. They've got a lot of products that are currently trending, as well as a lot of pieces that help build up a cute wardrobe!

Glitters for Dinner
This store has unique dresses and skirt/shirt sets that I've seen growing increasingly popular on social media (Melanie Martinez even wore one of their dresses in her Training Wheels music video!). While they're usually a bit out of my price range, the sale section of their site is constantly stocked with lots of cute products! All of the garments make really unique and interesting additions to your wardrobe. The clothing is inspired by films like Clueless and Sailor Moon, and they use lots of cute plaid patterns and PVC fabrics. While some of the stores on this list have similar products, these are definitely 100% unique and I personally love the vibe of their products.

This is another store that has really cute, affordable clothes and accessories that are popular in current trends that I see a lot on Instagram! This store also has lots of really cute accessories and phone cases that I haven't seen on other sites.

I find this store to be sort of similar to Style Nanda which I mentioned before. It also stocks lots of items that are current in Korean style, which I love. There's an abundance of cute plaid skirts, sweatshirts, and all other sorts of clothes and accessories, as well as a lot of basics that are in tune with the minimal/solid tone look that is popular.

Magic Period
The clothes they stock are popular clothes in Korean fashion as well as a lot of items I've seen become really popular on social media in the style I like. This store is a little bit more expensive than some of the others I've listed, but I still think they have cute stuff worth checking out.

Disclaimer: Shop Bitsy, Punk Rave, and Lit Fit are the only shops on this list that have sponsored me. However, I would never promote anything on my blog that I didn't fully believe in the quality of. Again, these are all stores that I have or plan to order from!
I hope you enjoyed this list and found some stores that you like! Sorry if my descriptions aren't good but that was a lot of stores to describe and you can just click on the links to see what the store's really like lol. Thanks for reading ♡